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Bicycle accident in the UK – When can I apply for compensation?


People using bikes are treated in Great Britain as full participants of the traffic. That is why, at the time when a cyclist is involved in an accident, they may be entitled to compensation that will cover the costs of his their treatment, compensate for the damage to health and offset material losses incurred during the accident (e.g. a broken bicycle, damaged phone or computer that were carried in a pocket / backpack.).

Co należy zrobić po wypadku w pracy

When can you get compensation for a bicycle accident in the UK?

The most common cases in which a cyclist may apply are:


Offences of any kind on the part of other traffic users

Statistically, the most common in this group are all kinds of collisions or falls and injuries caused by the fact that you wanted to avoid a collision with a car that breaks the rules of the road. If you have been the victim of this type of accident, you can get compensation and reimbursement for any costs you have to pay to repair or replace your vehicle and belongings. In this case, the money is obtained from the perpetrator’s insurance. It is also possible to obtain compensation when the perpetrator has no insurance or leaves the scene of the accident.

Compensation can also be obtained after other types of accidents / collisions – e.g. after a collision with a pedestrian who is walking on a bicycle path or a collision with another bicycle or two-wheeled vehicle.


The accident was due to negligence

If you have had an accident, e.g. by driving into an unmarked and unsecured hole on a bicycle path, the road administrator’s insurer is obliged to pay you compensation and cover your losses. Any dangers that are not properly marked and may lead to an accident are negligence on the part of the space administrator / council or land owner , which may be the basis for the payment of compensation.


Factory defects of the bicycle

If your bike was bought in an official distribution network, you have a proof of purchase, and the product is under warranty, then you can claim compensation when, for example, the bicycle frame broke while riding and you were injured.

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