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Civil Litigation

Civil litigation can be a stressful and complex business, but not when you instruct us to deal with your case.


Civil litigation is when a personal claim, not criminal, is taken through the court system.

ABS Lawyers civil litigation team may well be able to offer advice to get you through the process as swiftly and simply as possible.

Do not suffer alone. Our ABS Lawyers team have years of experience allowing us to manage the process for you with the minimum amount of fuss and stress.

Types of claims:

There are many types of claims that often result in civil litigation and these include:


Consumer Rights




Contract Disputes

So why ABS Lawyers?

Our lawyers provide a high-quality and reputable service. For one, we are easy to speak to and respect the fact you need to speak to a solicitor when you need to. Another reason is we have a superb win ratio, we pursue every avenue to get the right result for you. Finally, we treat each client with the respect they deserve and that is why we are successful. We also provide you with a very personal approach as each client is unique and has different needs and expectations.

ABS Lawyers & The Civil Litigation Department

Civil litigation can be a stressful and complex business, but hopefully less so when you instruct us to deal with your case. As you may imagine the essential elements of such concerns are that we resolve any dispute as quickly and as positively as possible.

This type of litigation can cover many areas of operation, for instance: breach of contract, negligence or just generic disputes. As well informed and experienced solicitors in England and wales, we can help with your civil litigation matter whatever your involvement in the affair.

The first step in sorting out your conflict is for you to come and talk to us, or simply pick up the phone and call, you can also leave a request on our website and we will contact you promptly. We will fix a date for a consultation, possibly via telephone, whereby we can understand the general content of your problem and decide what the best course of action will be. We will talk through all the different options available to you so that we are always operating from the same page. If you have received any paperwork from other parties that connects with your dispute then now is the time to pass this to us so that we can appraise and make further investigations, should they be necessary.

When we explore your case and advise on the best way forward, we will always try and ensure that the outcome is in your favour. However, if at any time we think that it may not be in your best interests to continue, we will consult with you and work towards closing the case in the most suitable way to accommodate your needs.

If court proceedings are involved, we will produce suitable witness statements and all necessary paperwork and bundles on your behalf and initiate contact with Counsel. We work with an extensive network of experts and lawyers so it will never be a problem for us to take events to the next suitable level.

It is also equally important that we look at ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) procedures as sometimes this can help to resolve the area of dispute without the court having to get involved. At times this can save on stress, loss and expense so this is always a worthwhile option to deliberate on.

Litigation of this type is never a pleasant experience but we can lessen the impact upon you and provide you with bespoke advice best suited to your set of circumstances. By analysing your case precisely and breaking the facts down into meaningful chunks, we are able to establish progress early on and work towards the best outcome.

To speak with a solicitor at ABS Lawyers please email or call us on 0151 440 2440.

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