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Criminal Injury

The impact of a criminal injury can be serious…


The impact of a criminal injury can be serious, with many victims suffering from lasting physical and psychological damage and distress. If you’ve been injured either physically or mentally as a result of a criminal act you may be entitled to claim compensation through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority ( CICA ) Scheme. At ABS Lawyers our professional team of experienced Lawyers can act for you on a Contingency Fee basis. We will help ensure that the maximum compensation award is achieved and will keep you updated throughout your case.

How It Works

The Criminal Injuries Compensation authority CICA is a government organisation providing compensation for victims of violent with awards ranging from £1000 to £500,000 depending on the incident and severity of injuries.

In order to claim compensation Under the CICA Scheme 2012 you must meet the following criteria:


Report the incident to the police within 48 hours or as soon as reasonably possible.


Your injuries are serious enough to meet the minimum award of £1000. This can be assessed during your initial consultation with ABS Lawyers.


The incident happened within the last two years.


The incident occurred in England, Wales or Scotland.


You have no unspent criminal convictions other than driving offences .

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