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An accident at work?

Or maybe due to the conditions in which you worked, you contracted a disease? In both cases, you are entitled to compensation for an accident at work!


Employers often try to downplay workplace accidents and pretend that they do not know anything about their health effects. If you work in England and have had an accident at work, British law gives you the opportunity to apply for compensation. People who have contracted diseases as a result of too hard working conditions or irresponsibility of employers are also entitled to compensation. These can be both diseases related to overload of the locomotor system, such as degenerative joint conditions or damage to muscles or spine caused by the employer’s assigning too heavy physical work, as well as other diseases resulting from the conditions prevailing in the workplace (e.g. diseases such as neoplastic disease caused by poorly secured works on structures with asbestos).

Remember that making decisions is not worth underestimating work-related injuries and illnesses. Many people choose to do this because they want to keep their workplace and not waste time devoted to earning money on visits to doctors and physiotherapists. However, such may take revenge sooner than we expect. After three years from the date of the accident, the right to claim compensation for an accident at work is forfeited, and diseases or injuries may accompany us throughout our lives, and often increase with age. * Disregarding the first symptoms, we can lead to the fact that in in the future, we will not be able to work, and what’s more – we will not be able to get  any compensation for the damage suffered.

* The case must be closed or brought to court within 3 years. However, it should be remembered that a lawyer needs time to gather materials and complete the formalities necessary to go to court with the case. Therefore, it is not worth waiting to report the case until the last moments, because the shorter the period of limitation, the less likely the lawyer will be able to help you.

English employer should…

An English employer should make every effort to ensure that the work you do for them takes place in an environment that is as safe for you as possible and does not expose you to loss of health or life. It is the employer who is responsible for the organization of the workplace, ensuring that employees comply with the rules set out in it, and that the risk of any accident or exposure of the employee to such conditions that could make them sick is kept to a minimum. These are their duties! If, as a result of their negligence, any work accident takes place, you can count on compensation for damages and reimbursement of medical costs and losses incurred as a result of the inability to work during the rehabilitation period. It’s your right, it’s definitely worth exercising!

Immediately after the accident, you should…

Immediately after an accident at work, you should report it to your supervisor and ask for help from a First Aider, and in the event that their competence is not sufficient to help you or if they are not available, you have the right to ask for an ambulance or transport to the nearest medical facility. . Only after medical treatment has been completed, you should consider asking your supervisor to write an accident report. Remember that your employer cannot refuse to prepare a report. It’s their legal duty!

Unfortunately, practice clearly shows that employees involved in an accident often count on the honesty of their employers and sign accident reports without reading their content. Never do that! Remember that the signature made under such a report is legally binding! If it turns out that the employer who wanted to avoid liability has presented a version of the events that is against you, and you sign this version, then obtaining compensation can be extremely difficult.


Remember that when you decide to cooperate with our company, you do not face any financial consequences. If we fail to win your case, then there is absolutely no cost to you. If we manage to win it, the solicitor will charge 25% of your health compensation ONLY. This means that you will be 100% reimbursed for rehabilitation costs or compensation for the inability to work. Our company will also provide you with the organization of rehabilitation, interpreter services at medical boards and translation of documents and interviews with a lawyer.

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